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volunteer & make a difference
                      in your community.

                   Our advocates walk alongside others on their healing journey.

          Volunteer advocates help the VPC cover the 24/7 Support Line after hours.

Some characteristics we look for in an advocate are: passion for supporting others, genuine compassion, ability to maintain confidentiality, follows healthy and appropriate boundaries, and strong communication, and listening skills.

Apply to be a Volunteer Advocate!

Help us create a safer and more just Cook County by supporting victims/survivors in our community. 

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We offer advocacy training once a year or by demand.

If you are interested, fill out an application or contact us at 218-387-1262.


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Volunteer Advocate Information

  • Potential volunteer advocates must complete our 40 hour training program. This involves both in-person and online training. 

  • Upon completion of the training, individuals are certified as a Domestic and Sexual Violence Advocate. This grants them the ability to provide advocacy services through our support line. 

  • Advocates attend one mandatory Advocate Meeting each month to continue education & training, build team support, and debrief calls. 

  • Advocates sign up for a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 7 on-call shifts each month.

  • On-call operates when the VPC office is closed. Shifts are 4pm-8am on Mondays-Fridays.

  • The VPC Support Line is forward to the advocate's cell phone or personal phone. Advocates do not need to remain awake for on-call shifts but do need to be available to answer calls throughout the night. 

  • When an advocate is on-call, we ask they: remain within Cook County, refrain from consuming alcohol or non-prescribed mood-altering substances, have access to phone services at all times throughout their shift, and have access to a reliable vehicle.  

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