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The What and How of Self Care

The idea of self care has increased in popularity, especially over the past few years. Many employers encourage their workforce to engage in self care and some even provide funds for employees to do so. Whether you're new to the practice or well into your own routine, we hope to provide space and opportunities to deepen your self care and your connection with your whole wellness.

The What...

Self care is any action, practice, and mindset that improves your overall well-being. This is uniquely your own and can change as times change. Many self care activities focus on feeling good in the moment and forgetting your current woes. These kinds of self care activities allow you to experience daily moments of positivity, regardless of what else is going on.

Other self care activities may feel less enjoyable in the moment, but benefit your overall well-being in the long run. This branch of self care includes chores, personal hygiene, managing finances, exercising, and the like.

The How...

Starting out, there are many common self care activities you can choose from. It's nice to sample a variety at the beginning, so you can fine tune your favorites later. We've listed a few activities specific to our area and encourage you to try them out.

Self Care Suggestions for Cook County Residents:

  • Drink more water. Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day.

  • Enjoy the fresh air. Open a window or spend time outside.

  • Take a hike! Get out and enjoy nature.

  • Connect: Talk with community members and loved ones over the phone. Check in with how each other are doing and find fun topics of conversation to engage in.

  • Journal: Lift your spirits by creating lists of... "A Few of My Favorite Things," "Uplifting Songs," "Laughable Memories," "Supportive Folks in My Life," "Best Spots in Cook County" and so on.

  • Experience Lake Superior: Take a drive or walk along the North Shore. Sit and listen to the waves crashing.

  • Plan: Spend time planning your dream trips and vacations. Where would you go? What would you bring? Who would you be with?

  • Learn: Find opportunities to stimulate your intellect. Call someone you are interested in learning from. Read, listen to, or watch educational materials. Keep yourself sharp!

  • Schedule your days: Keep your day-to-day life moving along by following a schedule or routine. Give yourself things to look forward to. Plan your meals and walks for the week, for example.

  • Self Massage: Relieve tension by rubbing your own hands, feet, legs, arms, neck, and head. Take time and pamper yourself.

  • Breathe: Connect with your breath and try out different breathing practices. We will post some as this series goes on. And, you can find a wealth of resources and tutorials online.

  • Get good sleep. Try to maintain a regular sleep schedule as best you can.

Throughout this series, we will dive deeper into self care and supporting our whole well-being. As with most things, self care gets better the more you practice. Happy practicing!

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