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Free & Confidential Advocacy Services 24 Hours a Day

We support anyone who has been affected by or subjected to any of the following:
domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking (sex trafficking and labor trafficking), stalking, harassment, physical assault, adults subjected to abuse or assault as children, teen dating violence, & more.

If you are unsure if we can provide you support, please call either support line. Our team of trained advocates will listen and support you with our services or with referrals to other supports.

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The mission of the Violence Prevention Center (VPC) is to foster a community which cultivates healthy relationships, empowers systems to serve individuals with equity and compassion, and does not tolerate violence. We serve all who have been affected by or subjected to domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking.


Sign Language

Hearing Accessibility

The National Deaf Hotline

Chalkboard with Different Languages

Language Accessibility

Day One Interpretive Services


Identifying Abuse

The offers a national hotline as well as in depth information about how to identify abuse and safety plan.


There is a lot we can do when we work with you! Below are some of the most common services we provide.

 Scales of Justice

Legal Support

We support people through a  variety of family, civil, immigration, and criminal legal processes including applying for restraining orders.

We do not provide legal advice, but can provide legal referrals and resources. 

home keys

Emergency Short Term Lodging

If people feel unsafe in their home, we can provide short- term 

safe lodging.


Medical Support

We accompany people for medical care and advocate and support them for what they need including physical assaults & sexual assault exams.


Information & Referral

We  provide information to help people make decisions that are right for them, and refer people to resources within and outside of Cook County.

Support Group Circle

Emotional Support
& Safety Planning

We  provide emotional support and help create plans to keep people safe.

Reading in Library

Lending Library

We have a large library available to everyone. Our collection includes a variety of self-help, psychology, memoirs, non-fiction, fiction, and children's books. Books can be checked out from our office directly, or via the Grand Marais Public Library Catalog.

Session in Progress

Support Groups &
Educational Opportunities

We provide support groups for survivors, as well as community

education. We can create an educational experience for children,  teens,  and adults. We provide education for teachers, students, parents/caregivers, clergy & religious groups, systems professionals, child care providers, businesses, & more.

Education Topics


Safe and Strong Child©

 A child sexual abuse prevention program that teaches children body safety.


Safe Dates

 A program designed for middle and high school students, which teaches students about healthy relationships and stopping and prevent dating violence.

Other Topics

Healthy Relationships, Domestic Abuse, Sexual Assault, Sex and Labor Trafficking, Stalking & Harassment, Elder Abuse,  Supporting Survivors & more.

Kids Blowing Bubbles


Kids Matter.

VPC can support and advocate for youth as well as adults. Individuals aged 13-17 years old can receive free & confidential services without parental/guardian permission. 

Safe & Strong presentations are available Pre-K through 6th grade students on body safety.

Safe Dates is a program designed for middle and high school students, which teaches students about healthy relationships and stopping and prevent dating violence.

VPC can also provide programming, groups, support, and education on the following topics:

healthy relationships, safe boundaries, teen dating violence, sexual violence, sex trafficking and more.

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