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Get Involved

We need your help, because without you our work wouldn't be possible. Whether you donate, volunteer as an advocate, serve on our board, or just spread the good word about our work and keep informed, it all matters. Apply Below to become a volunteer advocate, or join our mailing list and share how you'd like to be involved and someone from our team will reach out to you. 


upcoming events at the VPC

Our next Brown Bag Lunch is tentatively scheduled for October 2023. Check back, follow us on social media, or join our mailing list to stay informed. Rumor has it we'll be introducing a new Film Festival in February of 2024... So definitely stay in the loop! 

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VPC Board and Volunteers at Fisherman's Picnic Parade in Grand Marais, MN


Every penny matters! Donating to the VPC means we can do more for our community -- including: more safe lodging for survivors, more essential supports (i.e. food and gas), and quality and consistent advocacy and support from our trained staff and volunteers.

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Become a Volunteer Advocate

Are you passionate about supporting victims/survivors? Do you have good listening skills? Consider becoming a volunteer advocate. No experience necessary - we train you! Come to the interest meeting to ask questions and learn more. This is a great volunteer opportunity to help make our community a safer place where domestic & sexual  violence is not tolerated and victims/survivors are believed and supported. 

Volunteer Advocate Information

Our advocates walk alongside others on their healing journey by helping to cover the 24/7 Support Line after hours.


Potential volunteer advocates must complete our 40 hour training program. This involves both in-person and online training. 

Upon completion of the training, individuals are certified as a Domestic and Sexual Violence Advocate. This grants them the ability to provide advocacy services through our support line. 

The Work

Advocates attend one mandatory Advocate Meeting each month to continue education & training, build team support, and debrief calls. 

Advocates sign up for a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 7 on-call shifts each month.

On-call operates when the VPC office is closed. Shifts are 4pm-8am on Mondays-Fridays.

The VPC Support Line is forward to the advocate's cell phone or personal phone. Advocates do not need to remain awake for on-call shifts but do need to be available to answer calls throughout the night. 


When an advocate is on-call, we ask they: remain within Cook County, refrain from consuming alcohol or non-prescribed mood-altering substances, have access to phone services at all times throughout their shift, and have access to a reliable vehicle.  

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