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Support the VPC

The VPC started over 30 years ago when members of our community saw a need for domestic and sexual violence services in Cook County.

The mission of the Violence Prevention Center is to serve individuals and families in Cook County affected by domestic and sexual violence, to act as a catalyst in building healthy relationships, and develop a community where violence is not tolerated. Our goal is to eliminate violence and until that time, to facilitate healing, growth, and change.



To accomplish this goal, we will:

  • Provide free and confidential advocacy and intervention services for survivors of domestic and sexual violence.

  • Mobilize community resources in the resolution of crisis while addressing on-going economic, psychological, legal, and social needs. 

  •  Act as a catalyst in creating a community atmosphere in which domestic and sexual violence is not tolerated.


  • Promote equal access to the community resources necessary for each and every person.




VPC is a community-driven and community-supported organization. VPC needs your support.

Because everyone deserves to live free from violence and because domestic and sexual violence happens to people you know, you donations matter. 




  1.           $15 Friend:  Enables day-to-day operations of the VPC

  2.           $25 Donor:  Provides community education and outreach

  3.        $50 Sponsor: Provides direct services to survivors

  4. $100 Benefactor:  Provides safe housing for survivors 


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